Joe and Beth Battiston bought three derelict buildings that are located at a major intersection that leads into the downtown and "Old Towne" areas of Petersburg, Virginia. Like other buildings they have renovated in the area, their intention is to restore all three buildings back to their former beauty. During the renovation, Joe and Beth wanted to make the work zone eye appealing and enticing enough to make passersby turn down North Sycamore Street and proceed to “Old Towne”. They wanted to put a spotlight on the happenings of this up and coming area of downtown Petersburg.

Joe and Beth turned to their close friend Kimberly Ann Calos, an "Old Towne" business owner known for her energy and creativity. The windows at "Kimberly Ann's", are everchanging and known throughout the area for their eye-catching and stylish design. What is not generally known about Kim is her savvy mass media marketing talents but more about that later.

Well late one Friday evening, early November 2007, Kim, Beth and Joe came into a local pub we all frequent. I was already there with my camera playing around and doing my "bar art" thing while nursing a double Jack Daniels. Above the din of a blues band's music, Kim yelled at me about how Joe and Beth were buying some buildings and how she was going to decorate the windows. She went on to say that she wanted my photography involved in some way or another. It was tough to hear what she was actually saying above the band's rendition of "Mustang Sally".

I don't think she knew at the time what she really wanted to do with the windows, but Kim wanted to use some of my unique panoramic images of the city within the display. This was all I heard about this until the first part of January.

Joe and Beth had finally closed on the properties. After a visit to the buildings, Kim knew exactly what she wanted to do. She wanted life sized photographs of "Old Towne" business owners in the windows. She wanted to show "The Faces of Old Towne" for all to see. Kim gave me a call in January and readdressed the project. She wanted me to do the photography and graphic work. She also told me of a business named "" and how they could do the printing. Located in Richmond, Virginia, their business is producing life sized stand-ups from photographs.

Thinking to myself it was a pretty crazy idea, I did ask Kim...."how many people do you think will actually do this?". She said..."don't worry, I will get them there ". She again brought up my panoramics. I couldn't imagine how my panoramics would fit into all this but nevertheless, I agreed to shoot it. I figured that perhaps only 10-15 people would actually do it so it wouldn't take that long. Boy was I wrong! I certainly did underestimate Kim's power of persuasion. After a couple of more phone calls, Kim and I locked in on the date for the shooting.

The planning had been completed. Now it was time to execute the plan (geez....I guess my military background is starting to resurface).


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