While I was hiding away doing my thing, Kim was busy doing her thing and that was the marketing of the project. The night of the shooting, she came up with the idea of having a grand unveiling with a reception afterwards for project participants, community and city leaders. The unveiling of the display quickly became an "event". Once Kim got confirmation from the printer when we could get the stand-ups and artwork back to us, she set the date for the unveiling which would be the 5th of March, 2008..

She worked hard to get the word out about the project and the unveling. She was able to get Wayne Covil from WTVR (CBS Affiliate) in Richmond to do a segment on the project.  He was invited down to shoot during the setup of the display. The report played the next morning (the day of the unveiling) when WTVR did their local news spots starting at 5:00 AM and replayed on the half hour leading up to the network morning show at 7:00 AM.  Wayne asked to use one of our posters as a background when he gave his studio introduction to the story.

What surprised us was that an even longer segment appeared during the noon-time news. We took a break from setting up the display and huddled around the television in Kim’s shop to watch. We later learned it was replayed on the afternoon/evening news as well. Of course we were too busy getting ready for the unveiling to see these spots. We couldn’t have been more pleased or grateful to Wayne Covil and WTVR for their coverage. Thank goodness for a slow news day!

The local paper “Progress Index” reported on our studio day as well as the unveiling. They also had a wonderful two-page spread of the project in their Sunday paper “Lifestyle” section. Kim, a community columnist  for the Progress-Index (she does stay busy), wrote the copy for the two-page spread and a stand-up image for each business was included in the story..

The Richmond Times Dispatch sent a reporter to cover the unveiling. We got a great write-up in their “Business Section”.

Could the businesses involved get any better free advertising???? None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for Kim's proactive campaign to get the word out.

Meanwhile, Joe and Beth were busy sprucing up the building


Sure the buildings that would house the display were under renovation and in some respects, totally being gutted, but there were some things that Joe and Beth wanted to do in order to spruce things up. The boards, that have been covering the windows for a number of years, were taken down. The windows had to be cleaned and a backdrop, that would be behind the stand-ups, had to be put up. Joe and Beth got busy cleaning and painting.

We wanted the display to be lit up at night to really catch people's attention. Joe made sure that all lights in the various display areas were fully operational. Beth and Joe took great care to make sure that the direct area around of the display looked presentable. Jared Dunn of Clear Window Solutions, donated his services and cleaned all the windows. This was a LOT of glass to clean!

Once Kim finished setting up the display in the windows the day of the unveiling, Joe covered the windows up again in a festive way so we could have an actual "unveiling"

The time for the unveiling finally came..

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