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Well the time has finally come. On the evening of Wednesday, March 5th, 2008, the display was finally going to be unveiled. This was the day that Kim, Joe, Beth and myself have been working towards. The evening was seasonally warm.and clear. It seems like a higher power was on our side since we had rain and high winds the day before and the day after the unveiling. The evening's weather simply could not have been more perfect.

Again, Bobby Lynch and Hope Helton allowed the "Sol Cooper Gallery" to be used for the project. A reception was planned at the gallery after the unveiling. It was asked of each project participant to bring a bottle of wine or sparkling cider with some kind of "finger food" for the reception that would take place after the unveiling. Russ Johnson, owner of "The Bistro at Market & Grove" volunteered to set up tables and he did put the food that was dropped off in some resemblance of order. Paula Mims of "At the Globe" volunteered to make punch for the reception.

Again, it was simply a gorgeous evening and people dropped off what they brought for the reception and took a leisurely stroll for a couple of blocks up the street for the unveiling. They did get a sneak peek of their standup since I had a 25ft. banner with ALL the standups hung in the gallery. Even though they got this peek, this certainly did not prepare them to see the display up the street.

Elizabeth Howard of "Paper With Style", another business in "Old Towne", volunteered to send out invitations to local community and civic leaders, as well as City and State Government Officials to include the office of the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.. More then 200 people did RSVP for the event and it looked like they all showed up once I made my way up to the unveiling.

The project was finally unveiled with the participants ripping off the festive covering Joe Battiston meticulously hung just hours earlier. I think everyone was simply amazed. After some time, folks started making their way down to the gallery but many still lingered around viewing the project. Kim came up to me and simply said "they don't want to leave". We both took this as a great sign that the project was a successl.

The reception was fun and everyone seemed to have a great time. If I had to sum up in one word the general feeling of everyone, "delight" comes to mind.

In conclusion.......

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