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Artistic Statement

The images presented are selections from a body of work completed in early 2014 titled “Requiem for a Hotel” illustrating life coalesced with the decaying remains of a long abandoned turn of the 20th century hotel.  This once grand hotel was the muse for this project.  The work, a concatenation of idea, content and execution where the whole is much more than the sum, does not attempt to shout a message to the viewer but alternatively strives to be a catalyst for individuals to explore and create personal narratives from their imaginations, thus a symbiotic collaboration is formed between the work and the onlooker.  Any attempt of elaboration would be contrived and at best superfluous.  

This series of photographs allow for a peek inside this once significant Petersburg Virginia edifice that has been closed for years and unseen by many.  This coupled with the insertion of life using a traditional photographic process (multiple exposure) allows for an unfettered view of the interior of this structure and makes for an artistic creation that demands one to take pause and actively view.

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