This online gallery of images that made up an exhibition is made available to those who were unable to come out to Sol Cooper Gallery. Viewing these images online certainly does not do any justice to the actual prints.

If you are looking for a deep meaning or an obscure artistic message in the images that make up this particular exhibit, you will find neither. The images are meant to simply convey the beauty and splendor of the natural world. An attempt to contrive any other “message” would be superfluous.

Landscape/nature photography makes up a small, but very important part of my photography. My personal quest of capturing the beauty of nature is simply not work to me. In all reality, it is a respite from the busy routine of life. Rewards generated from the sales of resultant prints will never compare to my being able to experience first hand what I have captured in an image.

Also included in the exhibition. but not shown here, are three six foot and one eight foot panoramic images of Petersburg, Virginia. In general, the term panoramic is defined as a "wide view". Originally, photographers used special cameras that would actually turn slowly to reproduce a panorama on a long strip of film to produce a panoramic image. Today panoramic photography is accomplished by taking multiple photographs of a scene and merging them together digitally to form a single contiguous image. The panoramas on display are composed using as few as six to as many as thirteen separate photographs. The finished images are unique and unprecedented views of Petersburg, Virginia.

I want to thank you for taking the time to view my exhibition.

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